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Background: I attended James Madison University and earned a B.S. in Psychology and Communication Studies and moved to Washington D.C. and started off a career in public relations. After 4 years of working in both private and non-profit sectors, I decided I wanted to join the education profession to have a bigger impact on society. Between my ample volunteer experiences in college and being a mentor to children in the local D.C. area, as well as my meaningful communications work for the American Bar Association related to  legal issues for children and people with disabilities,  I decided to attend the College of William and Mary, where I earned my M.A. in Special Education with the goal of advocating for children with disabilities, as well as help to create more inclusive classrooms and communities. I am certified to work with all grade levels (K-12) and have taught all grade levels Pre-K – 12 in all subject areas.  Through my teaching experience, I have a working knowledge of both U.S. curriculum standards, as well as five years experience with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme.

In addition to classroom experience, I have held leadership positions, as a whole school academic/learning support coordinator, working across grade levels, developing school policies and procedures, and consulting with teachers in all subject areas. I have provided private tutoring and for the past four years and life/job coaching to adults with learning disabilities for the past two years.

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