Job and Life Coaching

Students with learning needs benefit from individualized plans so why shouldn’t they have them when they are planning their careers?   I aspire to help young adults and their families set up the best plan for pursuing both short and long-term life and work goals.

Services include:

  • Developing Goal d and timelines for the long and short term
  • Assistance and coaching  in job search and application process
  • Strategies to support working memory and executive functioning skills
  • Creating a budget and/or make a savings goal
  • Interview preperation and social skills coaching
  • Determine accommodations or “flexibility” they need within a job and/or classroom
  • Family consultation on how to grow/support independent living skills

FAQ’s to find success at a job:

  1. What job environment is the best fit?
  2. How does my current skills set match up with what my career goals are?
  3. How can one avoid the barriers that set one up to fail and possibly give up?
  4. What extra training will set me up for success?
  5. What is the best way to get/give feedback?
  6. When and how should I share that I have a learning disability?

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