Philosophy of Services

“Accept no one’s definition of your life, define yourself.”

Harvey Fierstein

Life transitions come with learning curves and emotional tolls that are often harder to manage for people with learning needs. I am a transition specialist whose mission is to help coach young adults with mild to moderate learning disabilities so they can achieve their academic, life, and career goals. I am a seasoned specialist with an M.A. in Special Education and many years of experience supporting and advocating for people with learning disabilities. My philosophy is to mitigate learned helplessness by empowering the people I coach. Specifically, I focus on:

  • Self-awareness of emotional and intellectual skill set, as well as skills that need improvement
  • Goal setting and backwards planning
  • Practicing how to advocate for one’s needs in the workplace
  • Decomposing long-term goals into “stepping stones”
  • Developing and maintaining a growth mindset
  • Understanding social nuance and demonstrating confidence in workplace settings, including interviews and presentations.